18 February 2014

Joshua Tree...

Once upon a time on a mysterious day known as "Black Friday," four female friends did something shocking...they ventured away from the stores and into the wild!

These ladies needed a break from reality and an adventure to call their own, so they embarked upon a three hour drive through rain, peculiar rock ranges, a quick stop for ice cream, and a wide variety of scenery.

On the trip, they brought along snacks, blankets, books, candles, face paint, wine, and 3 cameras to document.

Now, let us keep the rest of the story silent and reveal only what the photographs tell...

The end.

Photos were taken on a Nikon DSLR and a Fujifilm Instax and not edited, because well, sometimes nature is the best editor.

01 October 2013

October Photo Challenge...

I decided to create my own photo challenge this month! Follow me on instagram and post your own as well! #photoctoberchallenge3

Happy October & Happy Snapping!

30 September 2013

Tender is the Night...

I am currently reading Tender is the Night by F. Scott Fitzgerald. As with The Beautiful and Damned, it has taken me about 100 pages to really get hooked. Now on page 155, I can't wait to see what happens! Isn't it so gratifying when you stick with a book and it turns out to be very worth it? I tried to read Z, a novel written recently about Zelda Fitzgerald, but I guess I was expecting Scott and the modern language threw me too much. It's great to be back to the classics :)

I will leave you with this:

"The mother's face was of a fading prettiness that would soon be patted with broken veins; her expression was both tranquil and aware in a pleasant way. However, one's eye moved on quickly to her daughter, who had magic in her pink palms and her cheeks lit to a lovely flame, like the thrilling flush of children after their cold baths in the evening...Her eyes were bright, big, clear, wet, and shining, the color of her cheeks was real, breaking close to the surface from the strong young pump of her heart. Her body hovered delicately on the last edge of childhood- she was almost eighteen, nearly complete, but the dew was still on her."

Gotta love those lush adjectives from a true lush himself...

26 September 2013

Welcome Autumn...

To bring in the first day of fall, we had a marvelous adventure at San Diego's City Farmers.
They host classes there every so often, and we went to the first one of the season: Raising Chickens for Friends & Food. We all squished into Farmer Bill's private residence on the farm where he very informally taught us about raising baby chicks, the 5 key components to raising chickens, collecting and storing eggs, and many other details. 
The second half of the class he showed us how to "do" a chicken, remove feathers, clean, and prep it to be cooked. I was nervous about this part, but I am glad I stayed! I think it is healthy to be aware of where our food comes from and that a life is sacrificed so we appreciate it more. I won't go into detail, but Farmer Bill showed us a very calm and humane process.

Afterwards, we ate at Nate's Garden Grill on the premises and wandered the gardens. It's such a cool place. There are tons of plants scattered throughout, animal cooperatives, and a feed & supply store. 

Check it out...

16 September 2013

Weekend getaway...

12 coworkers. 1 cabin. 1 weekend.

We had a lot of fun this past weekend on a little vacation to the mountains. We drove up Friday night, lounged by "Lake No" (known as Green Valley Lake to most) on Saturday, and headed out Sunday morning.
Although it was a short trip, time seemed to move slower in the mountains. No cell phones. No television. Just each other's company and loads of laughter.

I took videos throughout the weekend on my 8mm app and put together another mini film of our shenanigans. I learned some new tricks this time and I am quite pleased even though it's not perfect!


Lake No from Jessie McIntyre on Vimeo.

06 September 2013

Sunrise at the Beach...

I have been wanting to experiment with video for quite some time, but it always seemed too complicated and overwhelming. When I came across the app "8mm," my interest was renewed and the excitement overcame the fear. Hooray!
I loved the way the 60's filter looked during the pink sunrise, so I kept it up through the morning.

Check out my first-ever video attempt!
Note: Black's is a nude beach, but the video is very ladylike, nothing is revealed :)

This morning was fantastic. We* woke up around 5am, drove to Black's Beach, and hiked down the mountain to enjoy the sunrise. Facing west we don't get the full effect, but the way the clouds melted into cotton candy pink in the early daylight was delicious. We proceeded to do some yoga and meditation and we spotted a pod of dolphins swimming close to shore. It was quite a miraculous way to start off a day! Afterwards, we went to town in La Jolla to get breakfast and coffee. I am a very happy girl today.

*We= Caitlin, Veronica, and myself